Public bus

Trindade is reachable by an old public bus from Paraty. The 30 minutes trip leads the bus on a tiny road through the densely vegetated coastal mountains under blue sky. The engine roaring in the first gear, pushing the bus up and down steep slopes. Finally the blue sea can be spotted through tropical trees on the horizon. Then, there's the quick sparkle of a bright white beach of sand.

Blue sea
Blue sea

A couple of years ago, Trindade had been just a set of camping grounds, visited by hippies, surfers and other youngsters in that state of mind. Nowadays, there are simple pousadas, architecturally designed by their owners and erected in a rush. Most of them are clean - but anyways, just an idiot would stay inside the room there.

Three beaches

Trindade is offering the magnificent beaches. They distinguish themselves mainly by the size of their waves. The longest beach is about 2km of white sand. Here it is, even for good swimmers, not recommended to jump into the water. The sand declines steeply into the sea and the waves that flush back into the sea develop a strong drift. Obviously, this is a surfer's paradise.

But the most fascinating feature of this beach are its giantic rounded granite rocks, lying around in the white sand like fossilized whales. The incoming waves are beating against the rocks, causing a permanent, muffled rolling of thunder.

Waves beating against rocks
Waves beating against rocks

At the other two beaches the sea is more calm, however there are much more people. Small restaurants with coloured sun-shades and plastic chairs are too inviting to take a chilly beer. In noon, the sand is even too hot to walk around without putting the havaianas (typically brazilian beach slippers). No wonder, the sun has been close to zenith these days.

Going out

As simple as the pousadas are - the same is with the village's centre. Along the only road are a couple of small bars and restaurants, an icecream parlour and a supermarket. For an unbeatable price you can get the famous menu of "PF" (see Prato Feito = "readymade dish").

In the evening it is ultimately comfortable to sit in short clothes on a terrace, listening Forró music, eating salty fried aipim (manjok) and taking cool beer. What can there be more beautiful? For instance sitting at the beach and seeing the full moon rising over the dark sea - but that just if you get up and move.