My favourite bands


Die Aeronauten preferred to get a girl friend
Air - French Band
Try to feed "Archive" into a search engine
Die Art is a cult band in the eastern parts of Germany
Autechre from the famous label Warp-Records


Belle And Sebastian
Belly gave a concert together with Echobelly in Munich, Germany (Tilt, March 1995)
Blur forever! There's no other way!


The Cardigans are well known after their smash hit "Lovefool"
Concerts of Carter USM can be highly risky for ears
The Charlatans
The Chemical Brothers with their typical driving rhyhms
Chris Knox from New Zealand prefers LoFi-Sound
Crustation sounds like a mixture of Sneaker Pimps and Suzanne Vega
The Cure were playing as main act at "Rock am See" Open Air 1995 (Konstanz, Germany)


Dead Moon of the category "LoFi" as well - mean voice of Frank Cole
dEUS had with "Worst Case Scenario" a sensationally good debut
The Divine Comedy: "I expect your father has been reading Dante."
DJ Krush has supposedly spent a couple of years in Tokyo's underground bars
DJ Shadow creates brilliant samples


There are not many Echobelly T-Shirts in Dresden
We prefer Elastica rather than Metallica


The Fall
Flowerpornoes is not about bees and flowers - even though...
The Frank And Walters


Gene has to be pronounced in English, why doesn't anybody get it?
Girlboy Girl brought a CD player instead of a drummer to their concert in the Starclub (1995)
French people obviously pronounce Gus Gus as 'Güs Güs'
Blue Ford Transit, Swiss registration plate, "Boogie Woogie"-sign behind the windscreen: GUZ at Bärenzwinger


Huah! has once been the band of Erotik- or Avanti- or 606- or Ladies Love Knarf Rellöm


Inspiral Carpets are supposed to be the inspirators of modern britpop


Servants are very often called "James", bands sometimes as well...


What comes out if the guitarist of Blumfeld likes to get his own band? - Kante
Kolossale Jugend
Kreidler's typical elektro rhythms
Kruder & Dorfmeister are the kings of Triphop-Drum'n'Base


The Lassie Singers and their love letter to Hamburg
Songs of the Lightning Seeds have that typical German-radiostation-britpop sound - nevertheless good ones...
Lush is synonymous for splendid pop music, at the very top of music's heaven


Massive Attack from Bristol are already triphop veterans
The photographs in Monk & Canatella's booklet seem to have been taken out of a family insurance brochure
Mono on your stereo
Morcheeba makes calm and melodic triphop
Morrissey, the former head of The Smiths, is supposed to be the personified melancholy
Mouse On Mars have taken part at the production of Stereolab's album "Dots'n Loops"


The Notwist is not really a typical Bavarian brass music band


Ocean Colour Scene do have at least one of the most beautiful band names


Pavement are one of the favourite bands of US college radiostations - no wonder why
One first has to get used to music of P.J. Harvey - but then...
Placebo is more than a substitutional drug
"You should actually dance to Portishead below the blanket." (Kai)
Pulp - "Please understand. We don't want no trouble. We just want the right to be different. That's all."


Quickspace are performing guitar walls with perfectly harmonising accords


Radiohead is the cult band around Timm Yorke
Rancid are playing down their 17 tracks within less than half an hour
Die Regierung ceased to exist - Tilman Rossmy is continuing as solo artist


Salad: please refer to "Archive"
Samba are wondering sometimes what should be the fault of the door
My friend Schorsch Kamerun is not willing to agree anymore
The world of The Seahorses consists of many small coloured jigsaw puzzle pieces
Shed Seven are as well of the circles of British music scene
Sitter from Ulm do have a genuine popstar in their circle of friends!
Sleeper are known for quick music (e.g. "Atomic" in Trainspotting) for a long time
Slowdive is naming space stations after greek dishes
Sneaker Pimps also jumped into triphop stream
Surely there are many Sofa Surfers in the internet
While listening to Sonic Youth the first time, you get crazy - the same happens later on, just in a different way...
Stereolab is the connection between classical conditioning and revolution
Stereo Total is the only band in the world whose keyboarder is able to play his instrument without his hands
Die Sterne
"I wanna be adored" of The Stone Roses is undoubtedly amongst the classical songs of britpop
A Subtle Plague from Chicago make enraged LoFi music
Suede is currently one of the most known bands from UK


Teenage Fanclub
Telstar Ponies could very much be a mixture of Sonic Youth and Whipping Boy
Tindersticks, the sadest band in the world
People say, Tricky has liked listening to noises of a scrap yard in his childhood


Unkle, one more project of Mo'Wax


Musik von Veruca Salt reminds a bit at The Breeders - or the other way round...
The Verve


Weezer are mostly associated with their biggest hit "Buddy Holly"
Listening to Whipping Boy from vinyl in the Starclub - what could be better? Maybe Lush in the Starclub...